Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Quiet days in the offices of the Cairns Post?

For a couple of days now our local newspaper, the Cairns Post, has sounded alarm bells about a possible cyclone:
THE Far North is officially on cyclone watch as forecasters update the chance of a system forming in the Coral Sea later this week.
Cairns Post - 13 January
THE Far North is officially on watch with the likelihood of a tropical cyclone in the region by Thursday upgraded from low to moderate.
Cairns Post - 14 January
Officially on cyclone watch? Absolute bollocks. We don't even have a tropical low at the moment, though one is expected to form out near the Solomon Islands. The Bureau of Meteorology says would be "extremely unlikely to have an impact on the Queensland coast". Where does one find this quote from the BOM? Later in the same bloody Cairns Post article.

The term cyclone watch actually means something:
A tropical cyclone watch is issued for coastal communities when the onset of gales is expected within 48 hours, but not within 24 hours.
We are most definitely not on cyclone watch.

I do wish we had a better local newspaper.

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