Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Not as far out as I thought

Heavy clouds overhead as I waited for my bus on Abbott Street this evening
On Tuesday 7 January I suggested that my usual suggested date for the coming of the rains, 10 January, looked like it would be a little premature this year. The forecast at that time was for light showers over the days ahead, but Trinity Beach ended up with its first good downpour a little after 18:00 on Saturday 11 January. I grabbed an umbrella and took a wander around, including wading through the puddle that had overflowed from the gutter and onto the footpath on Trinity Beach Road.

We've had cool and wet weather since, with a few periods of heavy rain. Cairns Airport, where the weather station is, has had 161mm rainfall this week, and the next few days should bring more.

So, when do I think the rains will come next year? I'll say 10 January.

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