Saturday, 11 January 2014

In the Blue Lagoon, something was stirring...

As I wandered to the Lime Tree for breakfast this morning I noticed a couple of warning signs had been erected next to the Blue Lagoon suggesting a crocodile had been seen in the area. The fact that one was a properly printed sign telling people not to feed the croc suggested that this time there really was something there.

Lime Tree staff told me that they could confirm there was a small croc, about two feet long, and people had indeed be feeding it. After polishing off my Spanish eggs I wandered over to the lagoon and sat for a while without seeing anything. I wandered home, watched the Sydney Thunder lose their 19th straight Big Bash League cricket match, then popped back for another peek.

A juvenile estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)
Success! I've seen bigger before, and I've seen them in Trinity Beach before (down at Taylor Point), but I can't imagine I'll ever see one closer to home.

Unfortunately I don't think it will last as the Government will likely remove it despite being so small. The fact people have been feeding it pretty much guarantees that. I would love to have it left there permanently.

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