Sunday, 1 December 2013

Curve 1, Idiot 0

Living close to Trinity Beach Road, I regularly see and, more commonly, hear hoons going by. Once I was fortunate enough to see one being booked by the police, and another time I saw one come to grief exiting the Jamieson Street round about and ending up stuck in the median strip. Both gave me a lovely feeling of schadenfreude. In the latter instance I just smiled at the driver and walked on, electing not to help him extricate his vehicle.

It appears that last Friday night/Saturday morning one fellow, heading away from the beach, decided to test his acceleration after exiting from the Jamieson Street round about, and raced up Trinity Beach Road. The gentle bend just before Anderson Street seems to have been too challenging for our idiot, and he has hit the kerb, skidded for a short distance, and then found out how easily give way signs give way.

Unsurprisingly, the vehicle turned out to be a sports utility, though not a particularly good one. Sports utes seem to be popular amongst the demographic responsible for hooning. It's pretty obvious where the sign came into contact with the vehicle. I hope there's a lot of damage underneath.

So, if you know the driver of this vehicle, registration number 534 LCI, feel free to mock your mate's poor driving ability. I find it hard to have any sympathy. I hope no pedestrians were hurt.

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