Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Sermon on the Mount

I note that we have a change in the regular street preacher in City Place in the afternoons. For quite a while we had a rather loud woman seemingly unable to break away from "You are not worthy! You must know Gawd to have everlasting life!" Having walked past her many times, that was all I ever heard. It seemed a shallow and selfish interpretation of Christianity. It would have been a refreshing change to hear her speak to social justice and the treatment of the less fortunate and the infirm, but I don't think her personal Christ cared about that.

The new preacher is more quietly spoken - a blessing for nearby cafe patrons, myself included (Mr Wolf is, unfortunately, the closest cafe to the rostrum). So far I have only heard him quietly reading scripture, and it didn't seem to be passages about believing in Jesus otherwise you won't get into Heaven. I suspect these preachers are part of an American-style evangelical group, so I don't expect them to be very sophisticated. Just a break from "You must know Jaysus!" is a relief.

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