Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lake Morris (HDR)

Cairns's water supply, Lake Morris (high dynamic range photo). I really want a wider lens than my 18mm
The Wet Season is a bit late this year, so we went onto level 1 water restrictions on 3 January, however it looks like later this week the trough will move over the Cape and we might get some rain so the restrictions may not last long.

My mother and I visited Lake Morris this afternoon, hoping to find the cafe open for devonshire teas. Alas it was closed, though the Council has thoughtfully provided self serve complimentary tea and instant coffee. My mother was quite impressed to see the Council doing that, and commented that she felt like finding a pen and writing a thank you note under the sign alerting people to the tea and coffee. In lieu of that, let this post be a thank you to the Cairns City Council from my mother.

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