Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Building a refuge for Tasmanian devils

Over at the New York Times, Carl Zimmer has an update on strategies to save the Tasmanian devil, including the creation of an island home to house a facial tumour disease free population of devils:
In November, a team of biologists journeyed to Maria Island, three miles off the Australian island state of Tasmania, taking with them 15 plastic cylinders. They loaded the cylinders into S.U.V.’s, drove them to an abandoned farm and scattered them in the fields.

Before long 15 Tasmanian devils emerged from the containers, becoming the first ever to inhabit the island. 

“All indications are that they’re doing very well,” Phil Wise, a government wildlife biologist who leads the project, said of the devils — fierce-looking, doglike marsupials that have become an endangered species on the much larger island for which they are named.
Read more at the New York Times

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