Saturday, 1 December 2012

Shark finning restaurants in Cairns

Wandering across the Australian Anti Shark Finning Alliance's website I had a peek at their Wall of Shame to see what restaurants in Cairns were listed. Five get a mention:
  • Bobby's Chinese and Vietnamese (Aplin St)
  • China Palace (Abbott St)
  • Golden Boat Chinese (Lake St)
  • Taste of China (Abbott St)
  • Special mention is made of Cafe China Seafood Restaurant at the Reef Hotel Casino:
Note: This restaurant said it was shark fin free & removed shark fin soup from its menu. On 10 July 2012 in an undercover phone conversation with TAASFA, 'Harry' from Cafe China, who we believe is the owner's son told us they would serve us premium shark fin soup for $75 - $90 a bowl. So much for being shark fin free. Cafe China, accepting the shark fin free accolades and deceitfully serving shark fin soup upon request. Shame on you Cafe China, you won't be taken off this Wall of Shame any time soon.
It's nice to see that I haven't eaten at any of these restaurants, and that there's someone checking up on restaurants that claim to be shark fin free. If you patronise any of the restaurants above, consider switching.

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