Sunday, 18 November 2012

South Cowie Beach

When I came to Cairns on holiday back in 1999 I spent a couple of days at Cape Tribulation, and walked along the start of the Bloomfield Track as far as Emmagen Creek before wandering back along the beaches. Today I returned to the Bloomfield Track for the first time since moving here in 2000, this time in a Toyota Prado four-wheel drive and getting up to Bloomfield and Ayton.

The southern end of South Cowie Beach

The scenic highlight was South Cowie Beach, notable for the mangroves standing in the shallows off the beach. On our northward leg there were three or four groups there, with a couple of people swimming in the shallow, crystal clear waters. Fortunately it's likely a little early for box jellyfish. Dropping in while southbound we found just an aboriginal couple setting up a tent in the dunes.

My mother (the two small white dots at right) surveys the view at South Cowie Beach

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