Saturday, 17 November 2012

Mt Mulligan

After hiring a four wheel drive and allowed to go off sealed roads (unlike many car rentals), my mother and I headed west today, passing through Atherton, Herberton, Irvinebank and Dimbulah before heading to our main target, the abandoned mining town of Mt Mulligan.

Unfortunately there was a lot of haze in the air, but it we were both still impressed as we caught our first glimpse of the mountain and its sheer cliffs. The road took us along the side of the mountain until we reached the site of the township, where we got caught in a lightning storm with a little rain.

Even through smoke haze and then rain Mt Mulligan, north of Dimbulah, is impressive scenery.
At the base is the abandoned town of Mt Mulligan, once site of a coal mine. An explosion in the mine in 1921 killed 75 miners, and caused the mine to shut for a couple of years. The mine reopened and was in operation until 1957. The old hospital is now occupied as a private residence, but the rest of the town is in ruins.

A memorial plaque at the Mt Mulligan Mine site
Despite being in the region for 12 years now, I had never ventured off the tarmac track before, and it was a great experience to get out into less visited areas. The landscape is quite stunning, and I hope to return when the weather is more suitable for photography.

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