Saturday, 10 November 2012

Eclipse approaching... and some hope for clear skies

Early, very early, on Wednesday thousands will be on the beaches around Cairns and other spots in the region hoping to see a total eclipse. Weather-wise I have been hopeful but not overly optimistic. Keeping an eye on long term forecasts haven't helped as they have varied a bit. While it's still a bit far out from the event for a firm forecast, it looks like we might possibly have near perfect conditions.

Let's hope Accuweather lives up to its name and Wednesday morning sees 2% cloud cover:

Accuweather's forecast for Wednesday morning as at Sunday night

I've seen a couple of partial eclipses before, including a 97% eclipse obscuration back in 1976 when I was a kid living in Canberra. I remember it only vaguely, and the others were pretty much non-events.

My mother has come up from Canberra hoping to see her first total eclipse, having been just off totality on a trip to Africa a few years ago. Apparently one of her friends in Canberra expressed surprise she was travelling so far to see a total eclipse as she asserted, firmly but incorrectly, that Canberra had one just a few years ago... Canberra hasn't had a total eclipse since the 13th Century.

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