Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cape Kimberley

The first of the beaches north of the Daintree River is Cape Kimberley. I had often seen the sign at the turnoff but, being in rental vehicles that were not allowed on unsealed roads, had never been. The road runs alongside banana plantations and through rainforest before reaching the beach. There's a small resort that is closed for renovations and a few houses, but it's very secluded. A couple of male nude bathers were enjoying that seclusion when we arrived. I decided not to photograph the scene until after they had wandered back to the trees.

The beach at Cape Kimberley
As I stood in the shallows I couldn't help but wonder why they were so clear while next to the Daintree, yet the beaches around Cairns are so murky. The amount of sediment coming down the Barron must be vastly greater.

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