Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Cairns Post decides Page 3 isn't enough

Today's Cairns Post
The Cairns Post today maintains its classy news focus by going "bikini babe" on the front page. They had photographed a model for a two page spread in the Cairns Eye liftout, and decided that cleavage on the front page would help sell papers.

They did, however, manage to resist the temptation to make a centrefold liftout of the model. I'm sure we'll see them succumb at some point.


  1. Judging by the pile of unsold papers at my corner store this morning, the plan didn't work. Some good objective journalism would seem a better approach to take if they want to sell papers. I haven't bought one in the past 12 months for that reason.

  2. Mike, can you contact me ? :-) Wanna swap some Blog links!!

  3. Um... The link to Cairnsblog is over there ->