Monday, 24 September 2012

It's not just in America

Do not use this psychologist...
He's an asshole
The Canberra Times reports:
A candidate for next month’s ACT election has called for gay sex to be outlawed and for the right to discriminate against homosexuals.

And independent candidate for the Molonglo electorate Philip Pocock also wants to see “rules” against sex before marriage, infidelity and divorce.
“I believe sodomy of man or woman should be regarded as a criminal offence and while people do not have the right to go ‘poofter bashing’, to use colloquial language, they should have the right to discriminate in terms of employment, accommodation etc as they do in dealing with drug addicts etc,” Mr Pocock wrote.

The candidate said that sexuality should not be left to individuals but regulated by the state and that many politicians were inadequate for the job or they themselves were indulging themselves sexually.

“It is not something that should just be left to individuals, in the privacy of their bedroom, and this is merely a position put by many politicians, even those of good will, who feel inadequate to deal with these issues while others, who, through ignorance, indulge themselves sexually, obviously have no intent of denying their addiction and will continue to sell out the innocent,” Mr Pocock wrote.
Yes, let's throw homosexuals and fornicators in jail, or perhaps he would like to be more Biblical in his punishments. Imagine a world where the police snoop on you to make sure you are having sex with your spouse in the approved manner. Fortunately there's little chance this relic of the dark ages will get elected, and even less chance that, if elected, he would be able to achieve any changes.

Mr Pocock said his position on homosexuality was ‘‘an expression of love, not in airy fairy ways, but in fact it is an expression of love’’. Bullshit. It's yet another example of the poisonous nature of religion.

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