Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Oscar's new home

My red tiger oscar (Astronotus ocellatus), imaginatively named Oscar.
The first in a series of rehousing/redecoration jobs that will happen over a couple of weeks was my oscar. I've moved him into a three-foot tank with a Universal Habitats background (from Majestic Aquariums). A good aquarium background makes a huge difference to a tank. After having clear backs for quite a while, I started putting panels behind the tanks. Next I took to painting the rear of tanks with stone coloured paint. Oscar's previous two-foot tank was the first internal latex background in my collection, and convinced me the expense is worth it for all the tanks.

Other tank decor is some Coffs pebbles for substrate, a piece of driftwood and some plastic plants. The choice to go with plastic allows low lighting (just four 0.3 volt LED deck lights), and lets the fish move the plants around as much as it likes. The lights will be raised a little above the tank this weekend. I'm  unsure whether or not I'll cover the cabling, as I am finding it oddly appealing.

The full tank
I've noticed before that when I cleaned the tank, the fish would freeze, flopping onto its side. I'm assuming the behaviour mimics a leaf and is triggered by stress. For a day and a half after the move the fish spent most of its time this way. If I hadn't seen the behaviour before I would have been worried that something was wrong with the tank.

Next up is the new barramundi tank, which will be completed over the next fortnight or so, and then the clown loaches will move into the barramundi's hand-me-down tank.

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