Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mitt Romney's VP pick

Mitt Romney, US Republican nominee for President, has announced that his pick for VP is the lip service Catholic and Ayn Rand loving Paul Ryan. Ayn Rand's philosophy is the foundation upon which US conservatives have built their economic policies, all the while professing their supposed love of Jesus. Paul Ryan's long track record of idolising Ayn Rand may draw the Republican embrace of the philosophy of the Russian atheist into the public eye a bit more.

Of Rand's philosophy Sam Harris memorably commented that it was:
a view that makes a religious fetish of selfishness and disposes of altruism and compassion as character flaws. If nothing else, this approach to ethics was a triumph of marketing, as Objectivism is basically autism rebranded.
Amusingly, Paul Ryan seems to have forgotten that video and audio of him praising Ayn Rand is commonplace, and has tried to claim that he rejects her philosophy


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