Sunday, 5 August 2012

Cairns G20 finance meeting announced

It's nice to see that Cairns's protest suppression vehicle will get a workout in 2014 as expected:
Acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan has announced Cairns will host the G20 Finance Ministers' meeting in 2014.
A few years ago I was standing at a bus stop near the Cairns High School with some cardboard panels for which I had dumpster dived to block a window. A car pulled up alongside and a guy in a suit jumped out, identified himself as a police officer, and asked what the cardboard was. He was concerned they may be protest signs as a Chinese entourage was coming up the road on its way to the airport. After inspecting the cardboard to satisfy himself if didn't have FREE TIBET scrawled on it, he jumped back in the car and headed off to look for others to pester.

It was only afterwards that I started to feel some affront at having my right to free speech suppressed, and I wished I had told him that he had no right to inspect the cardboard. I wished I had had a sheet hidden in my backpack, which he didn't inspect, with the words FREE SPEECH in large letters to wave at the Chinese as they drove by.

I guess I now have two years to prepare.


  1. I have suggested elsewhere the economic benefits may be exaggerated! I had a similar experience back about 2003 when a Chinese Premier was doing a farewell tour which included a day at Green Island. Totally spoilt a visit by my elderly Mum with security blocking entrances and inconspicuous Chinese security men in cheap polyester suits with mobile phones wandering everywhere. We were not notified of the restrictions before boarding the boat!

  2. we have some time to prepare the revolution! Freedoms of speech and political activism by individuals and groups is now gone. I thought this was 2012 not 1984. Looks like the worst futurist predictions are becoming a reality without the masses even being aware - thier attentions being drawn away by political games, lies, untruths and folly - coupled with wars of faith and a false ideal of nationalistic fervour - all for nought and all for the transformation of a global economic powerbloc for those few elite with power and wealth while refugees and the majority of the poor faceless wretches of the world are either forgotten, exploited and left to die. The apparatus of state - the very citizens themselves - are forced to wage a civil war against each other in a very real and dangerous game of keeping the elite safe and protected - whilst those they should be protecting are having thier very selves, thier basic rights ignored and punished at extremely violent levels should they speak out.
    Revolution is coming - we cant take it anymore.