Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wingnuttery... Am I to be flogged?

My access to the Cairns Post is through work or coffee shops - on principle I refuse to buy copies myself. So after a Monday off, I glanced at the papers from the last few days while making a coffee at work. It has been a busy few days for the wingnuts, including a call for people supporting fluoridation of water supplies to be flogged. I was a little surprised the Cairns Post editor let that through.

At least three of the new letters are from authors I have already discussed, and I'm now realising that I am creating a Wingnut Database. It will be interesting to see how few the wingnuts are and how vocal they are.

Alas I forgot to grab the relevant pages as I left for the day, so new episodes in my Cairns Post Letters from the Wingnuts will have to wait. There's plenty of material to be mined when I remember them and have time.

Note: I am not in favour of flogging of wingnuts, or any other corporal punishment, but I am in favour of mocking, ridiculing, correcting and (the possibly impossible one) educating them.


  1. You could devote an entire blog to the loopy hillbillies here in FNQ. Let me draw your attention to some of them in the comments section of today's online Cairns Post article on the current coral reef symposium in Cairns. I'm sure more of them will crawl out from under their rocks as the day wears on.

  2. Dropping in to look at the comments at Anonymous's commenter's link I had to chuckle. From the good old "all environmentalists should stay at home, othrwise they don't believe what they claim" argument through to "They're just scientists justifying their salaries" bollocks.

    Then there was the lovely "Strange that the reefs/species of the Torres Strait & New Guinea thrive in temperaturs over 1.0 C higher than off, say, Gladstone.Please explain."

    Coral is coral to some I guess. The idea of looking at the different species and their requirements, or what depths or currents they are in (thus affecting temperature), is too difficult for some.