Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mmmm... Pappa Roti

I don't do many food posts, leaving that to KitchenSlut, Food Vixen and Two Tasty Sins but I do have to note the existence of Pappa Roti in Shields St (near P.J. O'Briens). With the departure of Ever After, which closed down while I was away from work for a bit, I needed to find a new quick morning coffee and snack. I was a bit disappointed by one earlier attempt and a cafe not to be named.

This morning I dropped in for the first time, mainly just to grab a coffee. Asked if I would like anything with it, I looked around and my eyes landed on some bread buns, obviously fresh from the oven, on the counter. I queried what they were, and was told they were the Pappa Roti after which the shop is named. I was given a small triangle to taste. It's a deceptively simple bread roll with a crunchy coffee crust, and was absolutely scrumptious hot out of the oven. How can a simple bread roll be so drool inducing? I walked out with a Pappa Roti and a large cappuccino for $7. I'm not sure if I made joyous groaning noises as I walked and ate, but it wouldn't surprise me.

I mentioned Pappa Roti's existence to a colleague who later went and tried one as well, and came away with the same impression. Other staff members will, I am sure, be sampling in the days to come.

One of my regular combinations was a cappucino and a chocolate croissant. That will be less regular from now on.

Updated 5 July after returning this morning and realising I had the name wrong. It's Pappa Roti, not Papa Rosti. Post corrected.

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