Tuesday, 17 July 2012

LNP ends previous government plans to rule out "gay panic" defence

In a recent post I mentioned that the election of the Liberal National Party will see a conservative push in a number of areas including gay rights. The Herald Sun reports on the government's decision not to comprehensively rule out the "Gay Panic" defence:
A QUEENSLAND priest is renewing his campaign for the state to remove the so-called "gay panic" defence to homicide, after the government abandoned plans to change the law.

Under current Queensland laws, unwanted homosexual or heterosexual advances can be used as a partial provocation defence to violent crimes.

The previous state government had accepted a recommendation from a committee appointed by the former attorney-general to amend the laws, but current Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie confirmed in a statement to AAP on Monday that he would not proceed with the change.

I have no doubt that the LNP base would like to see "gay panic" remain as a defence.

Learn more at the Australian Provocation blog and sign the Change.org petition.

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