Monday, 2 July 2012

Dumb, drunk and racist? At least we had drunk as an excuse

I've been watching Dumb, Drunk and Racist on ABC, and found it interesting and a little embarassing. For those not familiar with the show, Joe Hildebrand is showing some Indians around Australia while exploring their attitudes toward us (we're dumb, drunk and racist apparently) and looking at racial and religious tensions in Australia. An effort has been made to find some rather angry individuals for them to meet.

Watching the second episode on ABC's internet service, I saw one of the young Indian men reacting to the Cronulla riots of 2005, a rather unpleasant stain on our recent history. He was greatly upset, and was shown away from the group apparently crying. While initially feeling a bit of sympathy, I then found myself wondering what his reaction would be to footage of Indian racial and religious riots in which many have been killed. Over 1,000 were killed in riots in Gujurat in 2002. In Mumbai in 1992 and 1993, 900 died in the Bombay Riots. It is trivially easy to find other recent examples of religious riots and mass murder in India. You can even find such stories in the headlines from last week.

I accept that there is racism in Australia, and we have some individuals who can indeed be dumb, drunk and racist. But the Indian guy was crying over some insults and some punches in Cronulla, when he's from a place with thousands being killed in similar riots.

The nerve of Indians to cry about some intolerant, racist drunks when, completely sober, they kill thousands of their own is actually rather galling. Hildebrand not confronting his guests on this is rather questionable. The best way to change their minds is likely to be to point out how much more peaceful and tolerant than India we actually are.

His guests should stay in Australia. They're safer here than they are at home.

Oh, and our cricket team is better too!

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  1. I watched the Cronulla episode recently and was absolutely digusted by the fact that the ABC an Aust tax funded station would show such a load of absolute rubbish. Heads should roll.

    Is it the job of the ABC to unite or try to divide our country and what was the demographic that they were aiming at? Aussies to try to shame them or our massive amount of refugees and new immigrants who are now having their own bigoted views of Australians reinforced by our own media.

    I was also dumbfounded by the interview with a Moslem woman who
    decried Aussies as racist when she said she had been insulted when wearing a full Burqua (and if you have come across that situation you
    will know that this is the uniform of a religion that invites confrontation).
    She said she had been called a Nigger, I personally have never known nigger to be a word used by Aussies for anyone it's an American term, we may have any number of other names but that's not one of them.

    In the end this flagrant bullshit pissed me off so much when I saw the Cronulla Riots, I almost felt a bit of patriotism when the rioters were running the streets chanting Aussie,Aussie,Aussie, maybe that was the ABCs hope. I doubt it though.