Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Cairns Post editor is trying to ruin my weekend

I have plans this weekend... Things I plan to do. Sure, much of it is just housework, but I intended to be conscientious and hardworking. I already have a backlog of wingnuts to address, and what does the editor at the Cairns Post do? He doubles down on publishing the wingnuts' letters today.

Climate change, the Reef conference and fluoridation (with a mercury fillings bonus!) have them squealing, though one reasoned voice (thank you Mr Noel Longman from Yunguburra) gets a small piece of real estate referring to the National Health aand Medical Research Council's systematic review of fluoridation safety and effectiveness.

I'll soon have enough material to last me until the end of the year.

Anyway, here's a brief highlight from today's paper:
The hypocrisy of catastrophic man-made global warming and coral reefs dying, is that coral reefs prefer warmer waters, so any increase in temperatures would benefit the Reef, not endanger it?
Dear sweet FSM... It's weapons grade stupidity. How can someone live here and not be aware that there are lots of different types of coral each with its own environmental requirements?

I'll add it to my pile to be addressed later.

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    First dog onthemoon may have solved the increase in wingnut letters at the Post. With Andrew Bolt shutting down blog comments the wingnuts have all had to move elsewhere?