Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Serendipity strikes... The Art of Fusion

So, I have a thing for fish, including cichlids from Lakes Malawi, Victoria, and Tanganyika. I had been googling aimlessly and started googling music from the region from where my fish come, particularly the drums. That led to me watching YouTube videos of African drummers, and then to a video of a guy playing some strange inverted steel drum looking things on a street. That video had a link to a website for a band called the Art of Fusion. On there, the band had this video of a live performance:

I'm hooked, and just bought their album Rhizomism off iTunes.

The strange steel drum thing is apparently called a hang, and was created in Switzerland in 2000.  The makers really don't like it being called a drum, saying:
Treating it as a drum and promoting the name Hang Drum, for instance, has created a ripple effect of misinformation that leads to damaged Hang, physical injury, and mental and emotional turbulence.
Here's the video that caught my attention, showing a solo performance by a street artist:

This seems to be Rafael Sotomayor, from the band. His album the Vibrations of the Hang is now sitting on my hard drive as well.

Have a listen. Buy these albums.

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