Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I hope the snake is okay

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A rattlesnake defied Jesus last week, and the pastor of a snake handling cult in the US died. Not only did the idiot's family and congregation stand back and let him die without calling paramedics or taking him to a doctor, so did a reporter, who has written up the story in the Washington Post.

The idiot's death happened a few days after I watched a YouTube video in which Billy Ray Cyrus (yes, that Billy Ray Cyrus) profiled snake handling groups in the Appalachians. Watching that I remember thinking how they seemed to believe that if you truly believe in Jesus you won't die, but if you do it just show you believed strongly enough to earn "Salvation". It didn't occur to them it means you either didn't have true faith (and are thus surely bound for Hell) or, more reasonably, that the Bible is bullshit.

Handling venomous snakes, especially if they are used to it (and perhaps lightly chilled), can be done without being bitten. Even if bitten, it can be a dry bite or a mild envenomation. It should still be done very carefully, if at all.

Should snake handling cults be prohibited? Probably not, as long as children aren't involved. Should they be mocked when one of them dies? Yes, unless a child was the victim.

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