Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cairns Post Letters from the Wingnuts #2 (Christian Bigots)

In the Letters to the Editor of the Cairns Post on Wednesday we were also treated to the opinion of Judy Romer of Gordonvale:
Over the years as I read the Cairns Post a pattern has emerged: if a Christian writes or replies to a letter we are immediately referred to as bigots or simply fools because we believe in God, or accused of being judgemental.
Given that Christians sometimes have opinions on both sides of many issues and use the Bible to justify those opinions, it's hard to think her claims are true. What she means is that Christians who share her particular beliefs on a few points are accused of being judgemental, bigots or fools. This may be so. If we saw people writing to the Cairns Post using scripture to support slavery or oppose inter-racial marriage, we would call those people bigoted, fools or judgemental wouldn't we? Yet the Bible was used in both those causes. Just because you can find Biblical support for your position does not mean that position is not bigotted, foolish or judgemental.
Firstly, for the record, we are a people with a hope and a future after the grave that this world knows nothing of, we are also a people who, believe it or not, have most of the answers to the world's woes, the answers to how life started, and how it will end according to God's word and everything God has written has come 100% so this far.
No, you're not judgemental. You just claim that Christians are special and other people aren't. You have "hope and a future after the grave", while they do not. You "have most of the answers to the world's woes". Yes, you alone are God's elect. All the others are infidels, misguided by Satan. You're not judgemental at all.

You do not have the answers to how life started or how it will end. The Bible was not written by God, but by many different people who sometimes had quite conflicting views. Its morality is highly questionable, and its history even more so. Claims of prophetic accuracy of the Bible are greatly overstated, and are the result of taking advantage of the vagueness of text, distortion of facts to fit the Bible, distortion of the Bible to fit the facts, or self-fulfilling prophecy (the creation of Israel, for example).
So to Pauline Sherlock, Loye Achilles, Nick Connor and all the other so-called modern, independent, humanist free thinkers of this world I would like to say this. God has set in place rules, some are invisible and amaze scientists to this very day, some are visible.
What? Scientists are amazed by invisible rules? No, they are sometimes amazed by by workings of nature when viewed through the lens of science. We should remember that the invisible and the non-existent look very much alike. Oh, calling people "so-called modern, independent, humanist free thinkers" sounds a tad judgemental.
Then there are sets of laws in nature, in the animal kingdom, and the human race, rules that dictate a union between a male and a female allowing procreation for which we were created.
Ah, so it's another rant against gays getting married. I do wonder where she gets the idea that we were created to procreate when procreation wasn't part of the original plan, and came only after the Fall. Sex and procreation are supposed to be part of the punishment, not part of the plan.
The lifestyle is a choice people make for themselves, but same-sex couples have no right to the sanctification and, as ordained by God, the institution of holy matrimony being reserved for a man and a woman only.
Or a man and several women as per the Old Testament of course. See, marriage between a man and a woman as God intended is just the thin edge of the wedge! A slippery slope leading to polygamy!

Homosexuality is not a lifestyle that people choose. Even if there was no genetic component to homosexuality, it still wouldn't be a choice. Homosexuality is the product of genes and early environment, including conditions in the womb. It seems, for example, that birth order plays a role, with later born males with a greater probability of being gay than their older brothers.

I will finish by saying once again we need to separate religious and legal marrriage. Whether gay marriage gets the sanctification and institution of "holy matrimony" is something that can be left to the various churches. Legal marriage, however, is a secular matter.

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