Friday, 15 June 2012

Cairns Post falls for the Australian "Environment" Foundation

The Cairns Post's website (and I assume newspaper) has some reporting on the proposed marine park system. They include some comments from David McAtamney, the managing director of Independent Seafood Producers at Portsmith, which is well and good. Next they have some comments from Cairns and Far North Environment Centre marine campaigner Steve Ryan. Also good. Then they conclude with:
However, Australian Environment Foundation executive director Max Rheese said the Coral Sea marine park would be detrimental to marine biodiversity because it would result in more seafood being harvested from heavily exploited Asian fisheries.

"No demonstrated need backed by facts or evidence has been put on the table as to why these marine parks with their bans on fishing are necessary, particularly when we already have more marine protected area than the rest of the world combined," he said.
Hmmm....  I noted in the comments from readers that Clem Wright from Koah says "Max Rheese of AEF is the first greenie I`ve seen who makes sense on this issue".

The Australian Environment Foundation is a front group for a conservative pro-business, climate change denialist think tank, the Institute for Public Affairs. It's not the first time the Cairns Post has carried stories in which the AEF has popped up, and they should know who they are. Despite this, the Cairns Post even had a story a couple of weeks ago headlined to suggest they were a Green group breaking ranks with the others. Absolute bullshit, and poor journalism. Now they have done it again.

I tried posting a comment on the story pointing out that Max Rheese is not a "greenie", and that the AEF is just an IPA front group. My comment has apparently been rejected by the censors at the Cairns Post.

The AEF should always be introduced in stories as "the pro-business lobby group, the Australian Environment Foundation".

Just because a group has the word "Environment" in its name does not mean it is a green group or an environmental protection group. The Cairns Post needs to learn this.

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