Tuesday, 29 May 2012

You'll feel better on Swisse (not a product efficacy statement)

So Swisse has won an appeal against a ruling it should stop using the slogan "You'll feel better on Swisse", and the case will be re-examined by the Therapeutic Products Advertising Complaints Panel. The ruling includes one of Swisse's arguments:
In regards to the alleged breach raised by the complainant in relation to [that phrase] it is our belief that this generic marketing statement does not contravene sections of The Code relating to arousing unwarranted and unrealistic expectations of product effectiveness.

This statement merely amounts to branding or ‘marketing speak’ that consumers are not likely to take seriously or reasonable rely upon when making a decision whether to purchase Swisse products. In these advertisements the statement is not clearly referable to the indications or efficacy of the product. To clarify, it is not made in the context of a product efficacy statement. It is merely a generic marketing expression that is used on our range of products.
Yes, people know marketing claims are bullshit, but for Swisse to say straight out that "You'll feel better on Swisse" is not a reference to efficacy is mildly amusing.

Will you feel better on Swisse? A very small number of its products (St John's Wort, in their Ultiboost Mood, for example) have some evidence to back them up, but the vast majority of its products have no real evidence to back them up. Some may have adverse effects (including St John's Wort).

Swisse's products are, however, a good way to have more expensive urine.

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