Saturday, 12 May 2012

US National Zoo unveils otters

The Friday episode of the Rachel Maddow Show ended with a "Best new thing in the world" segment about otters:

Photo from the National Zoo Flickr Stream
The National Zoo in Washington DC, USA, is about to unveil their latest acquisition, 11 asian small-clawed sea otters which came from Santa Barbara Zoo. The group consists of a mated pair and nine of their pups.

Mom and dad are named Chowder and Clementine. Their children are Pork Chop (male), Pickles (female), Saffron (female), Olive (female), Peaches (female), Turnip (male), Radish (female), Rutabaga (a female, and apparently named after a type of turnip) and Kevin (male).

The food oriented names come from a sponsorship with Whole Foods. I can't find details on how Kevin got his name.

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