Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Two sides

Also in the US, there is currently some wailing from the right about the case of Matthew Owens, the victim of a savage beating in Alabama. It's being reported by some that he was beaten by a "black mob" saying it was "justice for Trayvon" - a reference to Trayvon Martin, the teenager shot by an apparently over-eager armed neighbourhood watch commander.

A right-wing semi-news site,, describes the situation thus: Owens “fussed at some kids” playing basketball on Saturday night – they were playing in the road. No mention is made by Breitbart of the fact he was reportedly brandishing two large kitchen knives as he "fussed" at them. The right wing noise is similarly misleading.

The children then went and told their parents, and the parents did completely the wrong thing and chased Owens down and beat him. After the assault, one assailant apparently made a comment about "justice for Trayvon".

Owens is currently in a critical condition in hospital, and one man has been charged so far. One hopes more are brought to justice.

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