Wednesday, 9 May 2012

An idea for Cairns's City Place?

The US city of Seattle has commissioned a rather different sculpture that will also act as a bicycle parking facility:

The sculpture is being described as the Parking Squid or Bicycle-parking Kraken. I think I prefer the former.

Perhaps we could go for an octopus or even a box bellyfish. Surely we have a local tentacled beast we could use. It would surely be better than the old urinal display we had, and also the mushroom performance stage.

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  1. I have a folding bike, so I don't often need to lock outside, but when I do, I prefer just the standard, easy-to-use bike rack. I understand the need for public art, and goodness knows I appreciate clever design as much as the next person (seriously - check out my bike here if you don't believe me), but too often, I've found that the form interferes with function on this kind of thing.