Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Catholic priest rebels

The Courier Mail reports:
A FORMER Catholic priest who married secretly says pedophiles join the church to hide behind the cloak of celibacy.

Father Kevin Lee, a priest at Padre Pio parish in Glenmore Park, says he's speaking out against the church because he believes it should relax its rigid rules on celibacy.

"There is a connection between the fact that the church commits people to celibacy and yet there's so many abuses and scandals that have been hidden behind that cloak of celibacy," he told the Seven Network.

Father Lee said he read the story about himself in a newspaper today and was not surprised to see in the same report that another priest had been charged with sex offences.

"I read the paper this morning and it said 'Catholic priest gets married, in an unrelated issue a priest was charged with paedophilia'.

"It's not unrelated, the fact that priests can't marry has been the opportunity for... paedophiles to enter into the church and ply their trade."

Father Lee was ex-communicated by the church after he went public with the fact that he'd married in secret a woman he met in the Philippines last year.

Wouldn't be nice to see the Catholic Church apply such penalties to pedophile priests and all those who sheltered them instead of doing so to a heterosexual, married priest?

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