Sunday, 20 May 2012

Aegeus and alimena

This post was originally going to be titled Butterflies, but I thought that a bit dull. I checked the etymology of the word butterfly, and thought about titling it Witches stealing milk or Shit, I can't believe that's not butter, but neither of them seemed suitable. I thought of putting both species common names in but that was too long, as was full scientific (Genus species) names. Eventually I decided that just using the species names looked about right.

Anyway, here are a couple more shots from a recent wander around Taylor Point, this time from what seemed a relatively recent clearing near the peak (if one can call 55 metres a peak) which was covered in singapore daisies and other weeds:

An orchard swallowtail (Papilio aegeus), a common species, the caterpillars of which seem to like my lime trees

A blue banded eggfly (Hypolimnas alimena) which I've never seen in my garden.

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