Saturday, 20 December 2014

Silver lining

From Get Fuzzy:

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Cape Tribulation from Myall Beach

I wandered along a fairly quiet Myall Beach this afternoon, seeing perhaps ten other people. After finding no mobile coverage in Cape Tribulation's village, I was surprised to note that while I was sitting on the rocks at the base of the headland there was a decent signal. I sat, sipped an iced tea, and read a couple of internet sites before wandering back to the Dubuji Boardwalk carpark.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

A quick dip on a hot afternoon

Arriving home from shopping, I thought that it was rather warm and decided to splash some water on the garden to see what birds appeared for a bath and a drink. The fig-birds were the first to appear, with a small flock having a great time. A few minutes later a helmeted friarbird joined in, followed by a yellow-bellied sunbird. Then I noticed a species I hadn't seen in my garden before - a couple of double-eyed fig-parrots. They were a little shy, and disappeared up into the big eucalyptus a couple of times but soon returned.

Double-eyed fig-parrot (Cyclopsitta diophthalma)

Male fig-bird (Sphecotheres vieilloti)

Helmeted friarbird (Philemon buceroides)

Yellow-bellied sunbird (Cinnyris jugularis)

On climate change, Barack Obama is pushing against the sort of barriers that Tony Abbott embodies

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop took to the ABC's 7:30 Report and hit back against Barack Obama's "Brisbane Speech" and the way in which it brought climate change to the fore of the recent G20 meeting. She pulled out a questionable argument that a couple of others in the Government have also tried:
LEIGH SALES: When you look at the language and priority given to climate change as an issue, is it a logical conclusion that Australia and its closest ally, the United States, are on different pages?

JULIE BISHOP: No, I don't believe that's the case at all. The United States is proposing to take direct action, as Australia is, to reduce emissions. The United States has set a target for emissions reduction post-2020. Australia is on track to meet, in fact exceed its target of a five per cent reduction on 2000 levels by 2020 and we will announce our targets for post-2020 next year in the leadup to the Paris conference. So I believe that our actions are quite similar, certainly in principle and the way we're approaching the issue of climate change. For example, President Obama hasn't announced a carbon tax on the emissions, and most certainly, Australia has now repealed the carbon tax that had been imposed. So, the approaches are quite similar.
Why has Barack Obama not announced a carbon tax? It's really quite simple. He doesn't have the authority to do so. A carbon tax could only by introduced by Congress, which is hamstrung by raving lunatics. How bad is it?
Well actually the Genesis 8:22 that I use in there is that ‘as long as the earth remains there will be seed time and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night,’ my point is, God’s still up there. The arrogance of people to think that we, human beings, would be able to change what He is doing in the climate is to me outrageous.
That was said by long time Republican Senator James Inhofe, who, after the recent mid-term election, is set to become the Chair of the US Senate's environment committee. It would be funny if it weren't such a serious problem. There's a deep anti-intellectual and anti-science streak on the conservative side of US politics, and climate action is impossible to get passed by the US Congress. "I'm not a scientist" is uttered by too many politicians on the US right as a way of avoiding admitting that they know climate change is real. To admit reality is political suicide for them, and to take action on it impossible. Alas, it's a mind set that even infected some conservative "blue dog" Democrats.

And so Barack Obama, reduced to acting within the confines of executive authority and prevented from implementing a carbon tax by a dysfunctional and insane Congress, is doing what he can. This is what Julie Bishop ignores: in the United States, "direct action" is the last resort in the face of insanity.

So, if Julie Bishop's analogy is to be entertained, who are the loonies that are the biggest impediment to environmentally and economically sound policy being adopted in Australia? Who, in her analogy, is our James Inhofe?

Possibly an individual who once called climate change "bullshit"; a man who paid lip service to climate change to get elected, while always intending to do as little as he politically can to address it - our integrity-challenged Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Cairns Post Letters from the Wingnuts #27: The usual Schutz

With the recent release of an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change summary report, I had expected the wingnuts to flood the Letters to the Editor page of the Cairns Post. I was disappointed. The only early correspondence was a trivial aside from the pseudonymous Black Adder of Mt Sheridan (who has popped up previously), but I gave it a miss. 

On Wednesday, however, a letter appeared from Bill Schutz, who is also from Mt Sheridan. What are the odds?! I would have liked a new correspondent to discuss, but will make do with this serial offender for now. Read on below the fold. Spoiler alert: it's his usual bollocks.

Monday, 10 November 2014

John Oliver discovers the Salmon Cannon

As I noted back in August, a video of the Salmon Cannon, a device for moving live fish over dams or around fish farms, had started spreading on various fish and technology related websites, and surely gave the inventors a fair bit of positive publicity.

Now, John Oliver has discovered the Salmon Cannon. Can the publicity get any better for Whooshh?

Saturday, 8 November 2014

0155Z20141108 -16.79051 145.70356

A perfect day at Trinity Beach. The stinger nets have been deployed around the region.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Glancing skyward: AR2192

After reading about the current sunspot activity, I wandered out into the garden this morning armed with a leftover pair of eclipse glasses and looked up at the Sun. I could just make out a black spot. After a couple of moments the glasses seemed to have served their purpose, and I decided to cut them up to use one lens as a filter for a camera. It wasn't big enough for my Canon DSLR, but seemed ideal for my Olympus pocket camera. I taped the lens into the front of the camera and took a few shots. The above was the best of them. While it would be nice to think the white specks are stars, I'm pretty sure they're digital artefacts.

The sunspot region, memorably named AR2192, is apparently the largest sunspot group in twenty years, and has directed a couple of large solar flares in Earth's direction.

Monday, 20 October 2014

ABC botches headline: New CSIRO chief endorses dowsing

Today the ABC carried an interview with Larry Marshall, the new head of Australia's premier scientific research body, CSIRO. They chose to run with the headline New CSIRO head wants to help farmers find water. Reading into the interview with Larry Marshall, we find:
He's interested in the development of technology that would make it easier for farmers to dowse or divine for water on their properties.

"I've seen people do this with close to 80 per cent accuracy and I've no idea how they do it," he said.

"When I see that as a scientist, it makes me question, 'is there instrumentality that we could create that would enable a machine to find that water?'

"I've always wondered whether there's something in the electromagnetic field, or gravitation anomaly."

Dr Marshall believes the CSIRO can 'push the envelope' with such projects and contribute to improving agricultural productivity.
Yes, our new head of CSIRO thinks there's something to water dowsing. He's right that dowsers can sometimes find water in the natural environment, but only by picking up on environmental cues - the lie of the land, watercourses, vegetation, etc. All the stuff with the rods, the actual dowsing part, is utter bullshit. It's just the ideomotor effect at work. This has been established by many controlled tests of dowsers in which they fail dismally, then make excuses. There's nothing "in the electromagnetic field, or gravitation anomaly."

CSIRO rightly copped a bit of mocking on social media:
Somebody at CSIRO noticed, and tried to walk back their boss's comments:
He may not have been saying divining is the answer, but he was certainly suggesting that it's part of the answer and that there's something unexplained going on. There isn't. Dowsing itself does not work. It's embarassing that the head of CSIRO doesn't know that, and felt comfortable uttering such nonsense.

CSIRO shouldn't deny he said what he did or that he believes it, they need to own up to the fact that he said something and believes something stupid, and he needs to learn from it.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Cairns Post Letters from the Wingnuts #26: I guess there's always next year... or the next year... or the next...

On Friday, another of the what I guess we could call short Messages to the Editor of the Cairns Post saw some commentary on the lunar eclipse last week:
I saw God's power the moon turning red (Wednesday). In the Bible the book of the old testament Joel chapter 2v31 tells us that the sun will become dark and the moon will turn blood red before that great and terrible day when the Lord arrives.
Kate Higgins, White Rock
So the Sun will turn dark and the Moon blood red? Well I guess we could count night time as the Sun turning dark, but that's not a terribly miraculous event. And of course it's impossible to have a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse at the same time or even on the same day - so that would be miraculous if pulled off!.

Anyway, I became curious about how many lunar eclipses have come and gone without the Lord's return. Assuming that Jesus was indeed executed in 30CE, and if the early Jesus movement had connected the scripture in Joel to the second coming of Jesus that early, it must have been quite exciting when the Moon turned blood red in the skies over Jerusalem on 7 October 32 (weather permitting of course). It must also have been a bit of a disappointment when nothing else happened.

And so they may have waited, slowly losing hope, until another blood moon appeared on 31 January 36. "Surely this time!", they may have thought, but alas Jesus again failed to return. Disappointment may have been short lived however, as the night of 26 July 36 brought another blood moon to Jerusalem's skies, but it was, of course, another no show. Years passed, and then another blood moon appeared in the night sky on 19 November 39. No return. 15 May 40 would have been the next disappointment. And so came 7 September 43, 31 December 46, 26 June 47, 25 April 50, 18 October 50, 11 February 54, 7 August 54, 5 June 57, 29 November 57, 24 Mar 61, 18 September 61, 11 January 65, 5 May 68, 11 December 75, 5 June 76, 4 April 79, 22 January 83, 17 July 83, 9 November 86, 4 March 90, 28 August 90, 21 December 93, 17 June 94, and 9 October 97.

And that's just the total lunar eclipses visible in Jerusalem between the claimed execution of Jesus and the end of the first century! Between then and now there have been too many for me to bother counting.

I suppose that the Moon may glow red in the light of our Sun when it goes into its red giant phase in 5 billion years or so, and then the Sun will collapse to a mere glimmer of its former self. Perhaps that will be the Time.

Unfortunately in the red giant phase the Earth and the Moon will probably both be destroyed, so I'm not where Jesus would return to.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Cairns Post Letters from the Wingnuts #25: A wingnut uses a pseudonym

Back on 3 August, looking at the winter sea ice maximum approaching in Antarctica and anticipating wingnuts writing to the Editor of the Cairns Post about increase, I wrote:
One common climate change denier arguments is to point at Antarctic sea ice's growth as if it proves warming isn't happening. Cairns's "leading" wingnut letter writer, Bill Schutz, is one of a few who has included this in his letters to the Cairns Post. Such authors ignore the Antarctic land ice melt and the effect the water from that melt has on sea ice formation, and also the effects of a change in circumpolar winds.
I then linked to an article that discussed our growing understanding of the Antarctic sea ice and the possibility of sensor calibration being behind some of the increase.

And so to this week, when the editor at the Cairns Post chose to let a pseudonymous wingnut have some space:
Here's something that Tim Flannery and the Greens failed to report. The sea ice at Antarctica has reached the highest levels ever recorded at a massive 20 million sq km. So much for the scam of global warming melting the ice caps and us humans to blame for it all. What a joke!
The Black Adder, Mt Sheridan
Well, I have a sneaking suspicion I know who the Black Adder from Mt Sheridan is.

The argument the correspondent makes is regularly heard, and whenever I hear it I can't help but start to wonder about the integrity of the writer. A big part of the answer is there in the very comment - the sea ice around Antarctica. That word "sea" is very important. Sea ice surrounds Antarctica, a continent covered with ice. It's well documented and hardly a secret being kept by environmentalists that sea ice is increasing. But what's happening with that land-based ice? It's melting, and losing far more mass than the sea ice is gaining.

It's hard to believe the author could be oblivious to the fact Antarctica is a continent, though stupidity is sometimes easy to underestimate. Could the author not know that land ice is decreasing while sea ice is increasing? I would be surprised the author would specify "sea ice" if that were so. Could it be that our pseudonymous wingnut knows that his argument is invalid, but chooses to use it anyway?

Either stupid or dishonest, only our pseudonymous wingnut really knows.

Sam Harris on his "discussion" with Ben Affleck

Sam Harris appeared on the Last Word and talked to host Lawrence O'Donnell about an argument about Islam that broke out while Harris was a panellist on Bill Maher's TV show along with Ben Affleck. I'm not much of a movie watcher, and can't recall any Ben Affleck movie that I've seen. I have, however, seen him interviewed on progressive political issues and found him well-spoken and intelligent, and found myself agreeing with him. This is not how he came across on Maher's show.

"Highlights" of the argument lead the below interview, and the interview is better than watching the whole argument.

Hizb Ut-Tahrir is Islamic... and so is the Islamic State

At work I spend much of the day with ABC24 on in the background. It's on in our reception area partly to entertain waiting clients, and partly to make it harder for clients to overhear what staff are saying out the back. Yesterday one of the stories getting play was the ABC Lateline interview with a spokesperson from the fundamentalist/extremist Islamic group Hizb Ut-Tahrir.

If the spokesperson, Wassim Doureihi, does object to the tactics of Islamic State, he butchered an opportunity to distance himself from them. If he was so inclined, he could have responded "Yes, of course we condemn the beheading of aid workers" and defused that line of questioning in a flash. He could then have made his points about western government mistakes in the region with far more authority. If you want to take the moral high ground, you need to step onto it first.

Perhaps Hizb Ut-Tahrir and Wassim Doureihi are appalled by the Islamic State's actions, and he's just not a good enough spokesperson to know how to get on top of an interview. If so, Hizb Ut-Tahrir should fire him and find someone to better present their views.

Perhaps Hizb Ut-Tahrir is a peaceful organisation appalled by the Islamic State, but Wassim Doureihi parts company with them on that count and could not bring himself to condemn those he admires. If so, Hizb Ut-Tahrir should fire him and find someone better to present their views.

More likely, however, is that Hizb Ut-Tahrir is in fact pro-Islamic State, but knows admitting to that would be damaging. If so, Hizb Ut-Tahrir needs to find a spokesperson that is better able to either deflect such questions or just lie and say they condemn Islamic State.

Hizb Ut-Tahrir seeks to implement the same sort of fundamentalist/extremist interpretation of Islam that Islamic State do, but know that while they enjoy their luxuries in the west they need to use other tactics to promote their views.

I found one part of the interview rather amusing, when Doureihi decided to assume victimhood status (9:50 in):
WASSIM DOUREIHI: You can place whatever spin you like. We live it, we experience it.
EMMA ALBERICI: The democratically-elected government in Iraq has invited us in.
WASSIM DOUREIHI: We experience it. And that's why as a Muslim, ...
EMMA ALBERICI: Isn't that a little different to occupying ...
WASSIM DOUREIHI: ... I'm telling the Australian public the reality of what this government is doing in our lands. We live it. It's not an academic exercise. It's not about ...
EMMA ALBERICI: No, you're living in Australia. You're an Australian resident, you're an Australian citizen.
WASSIM DOUREIHI: It's not about point-scoring.
EMMA ALBERICI: You're not living anything in Iraq.
It would be really nice if Doureihi went and actually lived the experience. Let him go and live in Raqqah for a while.

Following the interview, Prime Minister Tony Abbott rightly praised Alberici, and called Hizb Ut-Tahrir un-Islamic. This of course fits in with his many claims that Islamic State is un-Islamic, a worn out assertion he makes routinely. Every time I hear him make this sort of assertion I at least think the word "bullshit", and sometimes mutter it out loud, even at work.

Hizb ut-Tahrir and Islamic State are most certainly Islamic, and the two share many ideals in common. They share many of these things in common with many other Islamic groups and indeed Islamic nations, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan. Yes, they even share some ideals with relatively benign Muslim majority nations such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and QANTAS's chosen stopover point for many flights, the United Arab Emirates.

Islam is not a monolithic entity. It comes in many interpretations, and the Islamic State is trying to implement one such interpretation, no more or less "true Islam" than any other. It certainly is not the interpretation we would like to see dominate, and it's not an interpretation that will see Muslims live flourishing lives, but it's Islamic nonetheless.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

There will be countless photos of tonight's lunar eclipse

I may as well add mine. This is the best of a bad bunch.

Focusing on infinity should be easy, but alas.
I couldn't find the mount for my tripod, so I ended up attaching a gorilla grip to frame of my sling chair. The Canon 1000D struggled.